Opacity monitor audits at Eskom power stations

The reliable measurement and reporting of particulate emissions are fundamental to Eskom's Emission Management Policy. The Corporate Technical Audit Division subsequently contracted Technical Risk Assessment (TRA), a division of Eskom Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, to conduct the above audits during 2000. Softchem was requested by Technical Risk Assessment to complete the preparation, lead and conduct these audits. The ten operating coal fired power stations (Arnot, Duvha, Hendrina, Kendal, Kriel, Lethabo, Majuba, Matimba, Matla and Tutuka) were subsequently audited between 22 March and 8 June 2000.

The objectives of these opacity monitor audits were to evaluate the relevant replacement programmes, assess operational status of monitors on site, evaluate the correlation of opacity to mg/m3 as performed by TSI and, establish what means of reporting to EIS/CAPCO are used and the reliability of reported values.

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