Softchem Invitational Golf Day 2000

scenes from the golf day's 19th hole
Final positions Nearest the pin No 9
Ian Storey
Darryl Moss and Francois Friend 78 strokes
Paul Maritz and Uys Grimsehl 80 strokes Nearest the pin No 11
Ian Storey and Andre van Zyl 81 strokes Braam Raubenheimer
Peet Meintjes and Hilton Behrendt 81 strokes
Braam Raubenheimer and Darryl Hendricks 82 strokes Longest drive No 18
Pieter van der Merwe and Darry Moss 82 strokes Darryl Hendricks
Fred Landsberg and Johan Retief 84 strokes
Johan Oosthuizen and Francois Celliers 87 strokes Pairing average
Grant Wishart and Buks du Toit 88 strokes 83,6
Pieter van Brakel and Jaco Grundlingh 92 strokes
Individual medal average
Best medal (gross) Darryl Hendricks (H/C 7) 80 strokes
Softchem dovetail index of winners
Best medal (nett) Darryl Hendricks (H/C 7) 73 strokes 10,77
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