Eskom major works audits

During 1996 to 1998 Eskom's Technical Audit Division has been involved in a number of incident investigations concerning Eskom’s major plant, with some of these incidents taking place shortly after major works had been completed. The significance of these incidents and the associated large expenditures involved led the Generation Executive Committee (GEC) to request an audit to assess current levels of quality assurance and control at nominated Rotek companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and three power stations.

The scope of these audits was to assess the status of quality assurance and control systems at the relevant auditees, determine the interactions present between original equipment manufacturers, Rotek and power stations with regard to any relevant project; address any short term issues related to current work in progress and, provide guidelines to minimise quality assurance and control related incidents in future.

Softchem completed these audits between June and October 1998, during which time the following companies, manufacturers and power stations were audited:

Rotek - Machinery Management Services
Rotek - Power Distribution Services
Rotek - Turbo Machinery Services
Rotek - Specialised Maintenance Services and Products
Babcock Africa Contracting
Alstom (Transformers)
Siemens (Energy and Transport)
Steinmüller (Construction)
Hendrina Power Station
Kriel Power Station
Matla Power Station

Individual audit reports were issued for each facility audited, with a combined summary report issued in November 1998.

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