SOFTCHEM implements ISO 14001 at Eskom power station

Eskom power stations are in the process of implementing and aligning its environmental management systems in accordance with the international ISO 14001:1996 environmental management system (EMS) standard. During July 2002 Softchem was requested to assist Arnot Power Station in implementing such a system at the station.

Softchem completed the implementation of Arnot Power Station's ISO 14001 EMS in September 2002. The EMS was fully integrated with existing Eskom and Arnot procedural systems already in existence at the station. Instead of introducing a vast number of new procedures to address requirements stipulated by ISO 14001, a novel approach was used that saw only one EMS manual and four new procedures incorporated within the station's documentation system (in addition, eight previously used EMS procedures were cancelled). All the required registers were also incorporated in the station's EMS.

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