Evaluation of environmental monitoring programme at Necsa

Softchem completed the evaluation of the environmental monitoring programme of Necsa at Pelindaba, near the Hartbeespoort Dam. Necsa has established an environmental monitoring programme to determine potential radiological and chemical impacts at the Pelindaba site and the surrounding environment in the Hartbeespoort Dam area. In order to determine the success of this programme, the Pelindaba Communication Forum (PCF) initiated that Necsa contract Softchem to conduct an assessment/audit of certain environmental monitoring actions at the Pelindaba site during 2003. The objectives of this assessment/audit were to verify adequacy of the environmental monitoring system, compliance with ISO 14001 and permit requirements, and assess the accuracy of monitoring results.

The scope of this assessment/audit included the radiological environmental monitoring programme, chemical and radiological stack monitoring; and effluent release to the Crocodile River.

The final report was issued during the presentation to the Pelindaba Communication Forum on 7 July 2003 at Necsa. The Softchem audit team found that the environmental management system, of which radiological environmental surveillance forms a part, complies with the Nuclear Licence NL-27. The overall programme is comprehensive and professionally applied, with no obvious environmental receptor that is not evaluated either on a continual or cumulative basis.

The environmental management system as implemented at NECSA, addressing both chemical and radiological applications, is functional and well implemented.

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