Estimation of dust impacts on Karan Beef feedlot

Due to the expected dust impacts associated with coal mining, Karan Beef contracted Softchem to quantify current dust levels at the present feedlot and to provide an estimate of dust concentrations expected at the present and new feedlot from the proposed adjacent mining operation. The assessment was conducted during August through to October 2005.

During the dust monitoring programme at the present feedlot, current dust levels ranged between 0,11 µg/m³ and 0,38 µg/m³ for the period of assessment. This indicated that dust levels are well managed at the present feedlot.

Assessment of wind data for the year 2004 and August 2005 indicates that the predominant wind direction is from the north, with the proposed mine to be situated directly south of the feedlot. However, the frequency of winds from a south-westerly to south-easterly direction amounts to 20,53% of the time; with a resultant impact on the feedlot.

The biggest impact from the proposed coal mine will be on the area allocated to the new feedlot. The estimated dust concentration calculated for 5 August 2005 with a south-south-easterly wind direction was ±  6 000 µg/m³ , an order of magnitude bigger than a similar type dust estimated for the present feedlot and calculated for a south-south-westerly wind direction.

The values obtained through the dispersion model estimations are based mostly on emission factor equations and certain mine data assumptions. It should be noted that these estimations will provide worst case scenario's for the calculated dust estimations; as no mitigation measures by the proposed mine have been taken into account.

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